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Normal Delivery

Around 80% of the births in the world are through normal delivery or the natural way. But the medical care that women may need during labour and delivery cannot be predicted, Medigrace has delivery rooms that are equipped with facilities, equipment and latest technology, in addition to an expert and diverse team of doctors like neonatologist, Obstetric Anesthesiologist, Critical care physicians. 

We offer you only the best in the field with years of experience of bringing thousands of babies in the world, safely. 

Painless Delivery

Labour pain is of the highest intensity of pain any human can experience. We believe the experience of becoming a mother shouldn’t be this painful. Hence at Medigrace, we have an experienced team of anesthesiologists who ensure that the delivery takes place in the least painful manner. We have a complete team to monitor and ensure a proper administration of it if the mother decides she wants pain relief. 

High-Risk Pregnancy

Medigrace resolves to offer its patients a healthy and safe pregnancy. To ensure that, we have a team that constantly monitors the mother and the baby to assess risk factors. And if any problem were to arise, we have the best, diverse team of Obstetrics, Neonatologists, Obstetric Anesthesiologists, Critical Care physicians etc to deal with these High-Risk Pregnancies and its complications. We ensure that our procedures are supported by the most advanced technology and are minimally invasive along with a dedicated ICU.

Cesarean Section

Doctors schedule C-section if there is a risk factor in Normal Delivery. Many women opt for it. There are also emergency C-sections if a problem arises during delivery. Hundreds of babies take birth in Medigrace via C section every month. Our expertise, precision and care along with a well-equipped Operation Theatre and a team of the best Doctors puts us at the top of the chart in this area.

Obstetric ICU

Sometimes pregnancies become critical and need specialised, intensive care to safeguard the lives of both the mother and the baby. The space dedicated to this care or Obstetric ICU, at Medigrace is fully equipped with the latest technology and a diverse team of doctors available 24*7


Medigrace has a sonography facility in the same building so you don’t have to run to some other centers for testing. To always make sure that the mother and the child are fine, sonography is a very important tool. It provides information on their development.
And offers the joy of watching your baby grow.

Preconceptional Counselling

We offer guidance to take you through every step of the way during your pregnancy. And through the preparation of it too. For a completely healthy baby and pregnancy, your healthcare should start even before conception. Not only to identify and avoid the risks to your fertility but to have a conducive health for conception.

With a supportive, sensitive team we offer the best preconception counseling to couples. 

Exercise in Pregnancy

Medigrace cares for you and your health. So to help your body adapt to the changes occurring through pregnancy, to increase strength and flexibility required for childbirth and general good health, we have trained instructors to guide you through exercises. They also help reduce pains and aches of pregnancy. 

Breastfeeding Counselling 

Medigrace is one the leading hospitals to offer Breastfeeding Counselling to expecting mothers and their families. Breastfeeding is medically proven to be very helpful for the health of the baby. And there are numerous problems that can arise during it. To bypass these problems and prepare for successful breastfeeding, Medigrace has certified breastfeeding counsellors and lactation consultants.

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