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Embyo Freezing

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At Medigrace, we are committed to offer you the best fertility care of the highest standards. We have specialised doctors, using the most advanced technology and giving you the best chances. As a leading facility, we perform hundreds of IVF procedures every year.

During IVF multiple embryos are created so that the most viable can be picked, increasing the chances. The other embryos that are not transplanted can be saved and preserved with Embryo Freezing.

There are various other reasons that people decide to freeze embryos like:

    • If they are not ready to become pregnant and want to make sure that in future or older age they can still become pregnant.
    • It can help bypass infertility that comes about while going through procedures like hormone therapy, cancer treatment, gender affirmation therapy and so on.
    • Couples facing unknown fertility issues can increase their chances of pregnancy by using a frozen embryo.
    • People freeze embryos to give them to other couples.
    • Women who do not want to go through the entire process of IVF again for a second IVF baby, can freeze the embryos from the first IVF.

Surprisingly, Babies born from Embryo Freezing have better health outcomes than babies born by fresh embryo transfer. On top of that, is saves your time, money and the physical and emotional stress of doing the complete IVF treatment again

The entire procedure can be done at one location in Medigrace so the embryos don’t have to leave the building. Our labs are equipped with a 24/7 monitoring system to ensure safety and best quality.

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