Medigrace is the leading hospitals in Central India for Infertility & Women's Care. Specializing in Infertility Treatment, Ob/Gyn, Laparoscopic Surgery & PCOS/PCOD Treatment.
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Counselling of Infertile Couple

Infertility comes with stress, shame, guilt, not only because of the taboos of society but from within you as well. It puts strain on your relationship with your partner. In addition to these frustrations, there are decisions to be made about the treatment of infertility. All of this just keeps adding to the stress. At Medigrace we care for your emotional well-being just as much as your physical health. Thus we have Counsellors to help you deal with all these issues and strengthen your relationship with your partner. Our Counsellors are professionals in both the fields of counselling and infertility. You can go for it with your partner or by yourself. 


If you and your partner are struggling to get pregnant and are looking to get treated, the most important aspect is the investigation. When the cause is found, treatment and its success is possible. Hence we provide you with the best equipment and staff to carry out all required tests and exams and reach an accurate diagnosis for perfect treatment. 

Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)

IUI is a low-cost procedure that is also low risk as it is less invasive and has a high success rate at Medigrace. We are a leading hospital for infertility and its treatment in Nagpur owing to the number of successful treatments leading to pregnancy that are performed by a group of talented doctors. IUI is when sperm is placed inside the woman’s uterus. This increases the chances of fertilization

Advanced Ultrasound

We strive to provide you with the best care possible. Hence we keep ourselves equipped with the most advanced technology, no compromise. At Medigrace, we offer Advanced Ultrasound that is used to examine the fetus for any abnormalities and constant detailed assessment. This scan is performed and read by an expert Doctor who specialises in this.

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