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Gynec Cancer Care

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Gynec cancer is cancer in the reproductive organs of a woman. There are broadly five types: ovarian, cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and uterine. At Medigrace, Our gynec oncology experts specialize in diagnosing, evaluating and treating all types of gynec cancer. 

An accurate diagnosis is the first step in treating gynec cancer, it carves the further path and helps in planning the best treatment. We use the most advanced tools and technology to determine cancer’s stage, size, location, and how far it has spread.

Diagnosis starts with taking your symptoms and medical history followed by a pelvic exam. For confirmation, one of the following facilities is used

    • Biopsy: A sample of tissues is taken to examine for the signs of cancer.
    • Colonoscopy: A magnifying instrument is used to examine for the signs of cancer
    • Endoscopy: A tube with lighted camera are inserted to see inside the body and examine for cancer
    • CT: gives an image of the pelvic area to see the size of the tumor and if it has spread
    • MRI: Similar to a CT scan but uses radio waves and strong magnets
    • PET/CT: You get an injection with a small amount of radioactive material which is taken up by the cancerous cells. A scanner creates an image highlighting the cells and providing information about how far cancer has spread.
    • Ultrasound: To form a detailed picture of your pelvic organs using sound waves giving information about the size and location of cancer. 

In addition to various other non-invasive treatments, Medigrace offers and specializes in the surgical removal of the tumor and other growths for people who are candidates for surgery as their primary treatment. 

We use minimally invasive surgery also known as Laparoscopic surgery when appropriate. This allows the removal of tumors with smaller incisions and smaller healing times. Our gynecologist oncologists are skilled in this technique to remove tumors

Chemotherapy is the key treatment for cancer. It is not only used as a primary treatment but used for management after surgery. Medigrace has the finest setup in the country with an excellent team of oncologists, intensivists and gynecologists to provide the best care to chemotherapy patients.

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