Medigrace is the leading hospitals in Central India for Infertility & Women's Care. Specializing in Infertility Treatment, Ob/Gyn, Laparoscopic Surgery & PCOS/PCOD Treatment.
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Care & Facilities In Nagpur

Specialized Treatment For Infertility

Latest Medical Equipment's

Highest Success Rate In IVF

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Fully Functional OPD & OT


IVF Treatment

Highest Success Rate

Medigrace Hospital & Dr. Rasika Pise are renowned all across Central India for IVF.


Laparoscopic Surgery

Keyhole Surgery

Dr. Pavan Gulhane is one of the premier Laparoscopic Surgerons in Maharashtra.


Laparoscopic Myomectomy

Specialists in Fibroid Removal

Medigrace is the leading hospital for Fibroid Removal in Nagpur.

Medigrace offers a high-grade laparoscopic treatment which is a great alternative to conventional surgeries.

For surgical interventions without anesthesia. No hospital admission, complications and the procdure can done in the doctor's office.

At Medigrace Hospital we provide world class facilities for procedures like IVF, ICSI, IUI, TESE/TESA, PESA etc.

We offer diagnosis, treatment, and holistic care to patients suffering from gynecological cancers.

We offer various options and latest technologies to ease labor pain and make the procedure as painless as possible.

Ultrasound is the first step in the diagnosis and treatment of any gynecological or obstetric disorder and the upkeep of pregnancy.

High-risk pregnancy requires the best care. Our ICU/NICU is fully equipped with the latest technologies and experienced doctors.

Our doors are always open for anyone with gynecological or obstetric needs. We have 24/7 emergency services at our hospital.

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